Montréal en rose

 Montréal en rose is a social forum and a cultural festival for all Montrealers, Quebecers and Canadians. The event will bring together speakers, artists and elected officials who are sensitive to the realities and issues faced by vulnerable communities and groups (e.g. women, Aboriginal communities and peoples, cultural communities and LGBTQI+ communities, youth and seniors; people living with disabilities).

 Algora is collaborating with the Centre de recherches et d’activités culturelles et communautaires pour les diversités(CReACC-Diversité) to organize several deliberative workshops during the event. The objective is to provide a space for dialogue and reflection open to all in order to identify the challenges of diversity inclusion (in all its forms) and taking into account vulnerabilities in the digital age. These workshops aim at highlight citizen’ recommendations and to envisage various possible solutions to inform responsible development of AI and related fields (e.g. social robotics). The citizen perspectives that will emerge from these workshops will inform the development of the Montréal Declaration of Diversities to support the City of Montréal.

 The event will take place from September 7th to 13th, 2020 (see preliminary program).