Deliberation workshop for fAIr LAC – InventIA Forum in Jalisco – Mexico



Invitation for the InventIA forum in Mexico in Quadalajara (Jalisco)

fAIr LAC from Jalisco, Mexico, is an organization that influences public policy and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the responsible and ethical use of AI.

Over the last few years, the fAIr LAC Jalisco initiative has promoted the acceleration of the Latin American AI ecosystem in Guadalajara and the organisation of activities to exchange, discuss and learn about the development of ethically designed artificial intelligence in different sectors, as well as good practices in other countries.This autumn the AI forum, InventIA 2022, was held for a second time. FAIr LAC led a series of workshops and specialised lectures on the development and ethical implications of AI.

Given her background in the search for tools and resources to ensure the ethical development of AI, as well as her professional experiences and the work she has developed, Patrica Gautrin was invited by fAIr LAC to Guadalajara to give a deliberative workshop on ethical risks of AI, as well as tools and methodologies to identify and mitigate them.


Animation : Patricia Gautrin

SUBJECT – How to implement ethical governance at each stage of the data life cycle for a responsible approach in AI?

The case study presented by Rheia Khalaf enabled the workshop participants to use the appropriate vocabulary in order to better deliberate on the solutions to be implemented to promote ethical governance: in their system, their companies or their management processes. ‘business.

Rheia Khalaf presented the principle of fairness and its algorithmic integration in the context of credit scoring for bank loans, a use case that has been studied within the framework of the Singapore FEAT principles that apply to the financial field.

Emanuel Lemus-Monge’s presentation made it possible to understand how data science poses important societal challenges throughout its life cycle. In addition, Emanuel Lemus-Monge explained why and how it can be programmed to ensure responsible governance of AI. The facilitators helped participants detail the different steps to consider so that they could formulate issues and hypotheses in order to solve the problems.

We formed 3 tables of 6 participants and presented them with a fictitious predictive insurance scenario. Using large cards and sticky notes, they were encouraged to share and present their ideas to formulate good practices to be implemented, upstream (by design), in this application. The development of a consensus was the result of this workshop which will be shared in the form of a deliberation design (MIRO software).


Enrique Cortes Rello, Director Artificial Intelligence Hub at Tecnológico de Monterrey

“I thought it was a great workshop. One thing is to discuss complex ethical issues theoretically, a different thing is a deep dive into a plausible scenario and explore it in depth. I think we all learned something new. Thanks for coming to InventIA Patricia.”

Luis Manuel Soto Uruñuela, Multisector Attaché for Innovation, Bilateral Relations Québec/Jalisco, and Climate Change

“Dear Patricia, it was a real pleasure to meet you. It was a presentation that was both very complete and very easy to understand, and without a doubt a fine example of the importance of Quebec excellence in artificial intelligence with an important social commitment and a concern for ethical considerations, congratulations!”