Algora Lab is welcoming fAIr Lac and Tec de Monterrey from Mexico

Welcome to our Mexican colleagues!

The researchers come from fAIr LAC Jalisco, an initiative that aims to leverage the responsible and ethical adoption of artificial intelligence and the Research Center Tecnológico de Monterrey.

To welcome the delegation from Mexico, Algora Lab is organizing a series of events, deliberation workshops, talks, and an important Roundtable on the first of February at the Mila, with founders and actors of the Montreal Declaration, in order to share with them the processes that have made it possible to put this Declaration in place and to understand what are the steps to be recommended in order to operationalize it.

About the Montreal Declaration Roundtable

This special event is filmed by Dominique Leclerc who is currently writting a Theater play about the Montreal Declaration.

Around the table, Montreal founding members are present to review all stages of the creation of the Declaration, starting by Marc-Antoine-Dilhac, then Yoshua Bengio, Catherine Régis, Christophe Abrassart, Manuel Morales, Christine Tappolet, Vincent Mai, and Carl Maria Mörch.

The Mexican delegation is composed of Enrique Cortés, Director of the AI ​​Hub at Tec de Monterrey, Juan Roberto Hernández, Coordinador at fAIr LAC, Luis Enrique Vázquez, Legal Coordinator of the Ethical Risk Committee of FAIr LAC Jalisco, Gilberto Ochoa, Researcher and AI Consultant at the AI ​​Hub of the Tec de Monterrey University.

Implementations of the Declaration is presented by Véronique Tremblay from Beneva for strating debates around the principles and difficulty in terms of operationalization.

Researchers will provide advices for the Mexican Delegation and will also take the opportunity to discuss about the next goals of the Montreal Declaration.

About fAIr Lac

Over the last few years, the fAIr LAC Jalisco initiative has promoted the acceleration of the Latin American AI ecosystem in Guadalajara and the organisation of activities to exchange, discuss and learn about the development of ethically designed artificial intelligence in different sectors, as well as good practices in other countries.