Ethics and artificial intelligence in higher education: for a responsible development of AI with and beyond the Montreal Declaration

It was an inter-order collaboration between the Collège de Rosemont and the University of Montreal.

  • The project has made it possible to develop a toolkit on the ethics of AI and DDM for all Quebec establishments (secondary schools and CEGEPs), French-speaking and English-speaking. In total, more than 200 Quebec establishments received the paper version of the kit:
  • The project has enabled more than 400 people (students, teaching and pedagogical staff) to deliberate on the ethical issues of AI by mobilizing the DDM.
  • The project has made it possible to organize important awareness-raising events on the ethics of AI and the deliberative approach of the DDM: conferences, webinars, workshops.
  • We also had the chance to present our work at conferences similar to that of ACFAS and AQPC. We have also developed a series of podcasts for teachers
  • Finally, we trained around thirty teachers at the college level (Collège de Rosemont, Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Cégep André Laurendeau) in deliberative practice on the ethical issues of AI based on the DDM approach. .

    It was therefore a great success with significant spin-offs throughout Quebec.