What we do

Algora Lab is an interdisciplinary academic laboratory that develops a deliberative ethics of AI and digital innovation and analyzes the societal and political aspects of the emerging algorithmic society.


 Combining multidisciplinary scientific expertise, Algora Lab aims to advance research in the following areas:

– AI ethics: individual and collective well-being, personal autonomy, digital care.

– Algorithmic governance: interpretability and transparency of algorithms; accountability in automatic decision making and meaningful human control; scope of algorithmic social evaluation; data governance.

– Rights and freedoms in the digital age: equality and inclusion; freedom of expression; political institutions and digital democracy; privacy.



Algora Lab is a space for deliberation on the ethical, societal and political impacts and challenges of learning algorithms and digital innovation, bringing together stakeholders, experts and non-experts, representatives of civil society organizations, the private sector and public policy makers. Algora Lab contributes to the identification of the normative expectations of individuals and organizations, to the understanding of the ethical and political difference and divergence regarding the deployment of AI systems, and to the construction of new social consensus.

Algora Lab aims to operationalize the ethical principles of the Montreal Declaration (2018) and the Canadian Digital Charter (2019) by developing normative tools that enable public institutions and private sector organizations to design ethical and robust digital platforms and algorithmic systems at the earliest stages of their development.

Algora Lab also participates in the work of international institutions to establish normative instruments to steer and regulate the deployment of AI: OECD, Council of Europe, European Commission.


Algora Lab offers training to educational and research institutions, public and private organizations on the ethical issues of AI and data use, and more specifically on the Responsible AI Montreal Declaration and its application to the design and deployment of AI systems.